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The Roswell Mysteries, trilogy



This 1997 Air Force press conference is the basis of the play; highlighting the USAFs investigation which has a lot of legitimacy, but ultimately falls apart under the play's investigation by  the lead character who is similar to these officers; and . . . the personal facts of the Seals Family.

 on U.S. TOUR in Spring & Summer 2013

Shamanic Roswell

THE ROSWELL MYSTERIES, Company, LP, is a Limited Partnership


 . . .  tightly constructed modern comedy-drama, telling the true story of one family's direct involvement in the 1947 incidents in Roswell, New Mexico . . .


'The Roswell Mysteries' is the 1st Stage Play in the Trilogy of the same name, based on factual U.S. Air Force documentation published by the Defense Dept. in 1997, about the 1947 Incident(s) in Roswell, New Mexico about a Flying Saucer landing; overlapped with the author David Seals telling the story of his own father's direct involvement as an AAF Pilot with the 509th Bomb Group. Lt. Walter J. Seals was stationed at Roswell AAF from 1944-47, and experienced a "Bogie Sighting" officially on U.S. Documents as a radar-visual incident. Photos and records included in the 2008 Memoir 'Abduction at Roswell', with photos and Air Force documents kept by Lt. Colonel Seals after he retired. [graphic: Roswell runway, 1947]

The Play begins on a colorful unit set suggesting the oval outline of a Flying Saucer, but the main character is anything but a UFO nut. He is a general in the U.S. Air Force and he has been assigned by the female Secretary of the Air Force to investigate the famous 1947 UFO incident at Roswell Army Air Field. Based on the actual documentation and professional Officers directly involved in the 1997 Report of the Air Force investigation, the Play follows the general's family who were also participants in the visual-radar sightings of several "interplanetary Spaceships", as a 1956 Air Force Blue Book report described them. Far from being complicit in any kind of governmental "cover-up", the Army Air Corps in 1947 - where the General's father was a lieutenant and a pilot at the time (as was the Author's own father) - it was the Air Corps who publicly announced to the media that they "had come into possession of a Flying Disc". They were the first to acknowledge the existence of unearthly spacecraft.

All this discovery of new information profoundly affects the General, who had been a skeptic scoffing at the comic-book nonsense of "Aliens". And when it was his own beloved father's Air Corps who were involved, and openly honest and excited about the Roswell mysteries, he becomes an ardent researcher into what really happened and why the whole story was later covered up by the Pentagon and the White House for 30 years, with devastating consequences to his family.

The cast includes 5 men and 4 women, all members of the U.S. military or the Air Force bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. It takes the point of view of the Air Force, which is unique in most UFO researchers, who are usually automatically cynical about the Air Force's involvement in the earth-shaking events in New Mexico in 1947. But as the Author's father, who retired as a Lt. Colonel, onc told him when asked about what happened and what he saw, and knew, he said, "All pilots see bogies. It wasn't science fiction, Son."

Seals Family, with David born in 1947, Roswell airport

For a more complete biography of the author's extensive experience in the theatre and film as a Dramatist, this website details his major Feature Film, POWWOW HIGHWAY, for instance, and books published in New York, with a full page rave review in the NY Times of his 1992 novel 'Sweet Medicine', published by Random House/Crown. He has had both non-fiction works on PBS and HBO, as well as Original Plays at professional Theatres in Denver, Washington D.C., and upcoming in New York as well, the Musical adaptation of his novel 'The Powwow Highway'.

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Lt. Seals and new wife Kay O'Brien Seals, Roswell, 1946

This is the TRUE STORY of what really happened, unlike anything ever put forward again, in over 65 years!

Air Corps Cadets at Roswell, 1943 (Cadet Walter J. Seals is 5th from right in first standing row)